Poster Abstract & Poster Submission Guidelines

Style Guide For Poster Abstract & Poster Submission

This guide offers instructions for authors preparing posters for the Annual Globalisation Conference, detailing the format and presentation for abstracts and posters, which serves as a template. Posters, to be displayed in portrait A1 size at the conference, will also be available online for all event attendees. An initial requirement involves submitting an abstract that outlines the poster's content. This abstract, a brief document, should briefly present research or project details. It should aim to communicate ideas and findings in an accessible way, covering essential research aspects typically found in a full paper, but without going into too much detail. Posters are effectively used to present best practices, ongoing research, new discoveries, insights, or thorough summaries of significant projects, teaching methods, modules, and curricula. Their main objective is to promote the exchange and discussion of experiences among conference participants.

During the poster abstract submission, only one author’s name and affiliation should be listed, however, after approval of the abstract, up to 5 co-authors and their affiliations need to be conveyed.

Title: A concise and informative title that clearly indicates the subject of the poster. 

Keywords: A few relevant keywords, no more than 6, that help categorize the poster's content.

Abstract: The abstract should be concise, typically should be between 400 words, and written in an accessible manner to a broad audience, including those not specialized in the specific field. It is a key to ensure clarity, coherence, and focus.

It is recommended to include the following areas in the abstract:

  • Background/Objectives: A brief introduction to the topic, outlining the problem or research question the poster addresses.
  • Methods: A succinct description of the methodology or approach used in the research.
  • Results: Key findings or results of the study, presented in a clear and summarized manner.
  • Conclusions: Interpretation of the results, including their implications or significance in the context of the field.

Poster Upload:

When the poster abstract is accepted for the conference, the author will be notified, and the actual poster can be uploaded to the conference database. The posters should be presented both physical and online so that delegates can view posters in their own time as well as at the conference poster booth.  

The poster should include the author(s) name(s). If the wish is to have the abstract published in the Conference Proceedings, the formal request should be made before the conference via the conference website.

It is also highly recommended that the poster's (lead) author incorporates his contact information, and even profile picture into the poster design to help the conference delegates to identify the author and thereby contribute to further dialog and interaction.

Authors of accepted posters are expected to prepare an A1 (portrait) poster and complete the online submission form. All following items are expected to be submitted:

  • Title and keywords of the Poster (same as the Abstract submission)
  • The electronic copy of the poster, in PDF or JPG format, 10-20 MB in size;
  • A bio and profile picture of the lead author;

Bring the A1 Poster to the Conference:

At least one author of an accepted poster must register for the conference and shall bring the actual printed poster to the conference. (Please note that Wittenborg is not responsible for printing the posters)

More guideline information on the following area can be found in Full Paper Guidelines:

  • Figures, Tables and Diagrams
  • Citations and References
  • Appendices