The Annual Globalisation Conference at Wittenborg 2024

Global Conference at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to The Annual Globalisation Conference at Wittenborg, in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Wednesday 14 - Friday 16 August

The upcoming Conference on Globalisation at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences promises to be a landmark event, bringing together a diverse array of participants, including academics, professionals, policymakers, and students, to engage in rich discussions and debates about our increasingly interconnected and global world. This conference is not just an academic exercise; it's a multifaceted exploration of the myriad ways in which globalisation impacts our lives, societies, and the world at large.

Key Highlights of the Conference:

Interdisciplinary Dialogue: The conference will feature a robust interdisciplinary dialogue, blending insights from economics, political science, sociology, technology, environmental studies, and cultural studies to provide a comprehensive understanding of globalisation.

Expert Panels and Keynote Speakers: Renowned experts and thought leaders will deliver keynote speeches and participate in panel discussions, offering their valuable perspectives on global trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Interactive Workshops and Seminars: Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops and seminars, designed to foster deeper understanding and practical skills related to globalisation’s impact on various sectors.

  • Networking Opportunities: The conference will provide ample opportunities for networking, enabling participants to connect with like-minded individuals, establish professional relationships, and collaborate on future projects.
  • Policy Implications and Recommendations: A significant focus will be on understanding the policy implications of globalisation and formulating recommendations that can guide policymakers in addressing global challenges effectively.
  • Globalisation and Technology: Special sessions will be dedicated to exploring the role of technology in advancing globalisation and addressing its downsides, including discussions on digital innovations, cybersecurity, and the digital divide.
  • Cultural Exchange and Diversity: Cultural exchange sessions will celebrate the richness of diversity brought about by globalisation, including cultural performances, exhibitions, and discussions on cultural identity and exchange.
  • Youth and Education: Special emphasis will be placed on the role of youth and the impact of globalisation on education, preparing future generations to navigate and shape a globalised world.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Focus: The conference will address environmental challenges posed by globalisation, promoting sustainable practices and exploring the balance between economic growth and environmental stewardship.
  • Global Health Discussions: In light of recent global health crises, there will be a focus on global health, including pandemic preparedness, international health policies, and the role of globalisation in health and wellness.

The Conference on Globalisation at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is set to be a comprehensive, insightful, and transformative event, offering a unique platform for exploring the complexities of globalisation. It aims to not only deepen understanding but also to inspire action and collaboration among various stakeholders towards a more connected, equitable, and sustainable world.

Keynote Speakers: 

Hans de Wit  Ronald Tuninga  Muhammad Ashfaq


Immerse yourself in an intellectual journey that delves into the profound impacts of globalisation through 10 Themes!

  1. The Digital Revolution: This theme is essential because digital technology is reshaping societies, economies, and day-to-day lives globally. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, with its focus on innovation and technology, can offer insightful perspectives on how the digital revolution impacts various sectors worldwide.
  2. Global Trade and Economics: In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding the complexities of global trade and economics is crucial. Wittenborg's diverse international community and expertise in business studies make it an ideal venue for exploring these topics.
  3. Cultural Exchange in a Globalised World: As cultures intertwine more than ever before, this theme is significant for promoting understanding and tolerance. The university's multicultural environment provides a real-world backdrop for discussing the impacts and benefits of cultural exchanges.
  4. Migration Patterns:  With migration shaping demographic and political landscapes worldwide, this theme is highly relevant. Wittenborg's location in the Netherlands, a country known for its diverse population, offers a practical context for these discussions.
  5. Environmental Challenges: Addressing environmental sustainability is urgent and necessary. The university's commitment to sustainability and its research in this area make it a fitting place to discuss global environmental challenges and solutions.
  6. Global Governance and Policy: This theme is critical for understanding how international laws and policies shape global interactions. Wittenborg's expertise in international business and law provides a solid foundation for exploring these complex issues.
  7. The Future of Work:  As the job market evolves rapidly, understanding this evolution is vital. The university's focus on preparing students for the global job market makes it well-suited to host discussions on this theme.
  8. Ethics and Globalisation: The ethical implications of globalisation are profound and diverse. Wittenborg's emphasis on ethical business practices and its international ethics courses offer valuable insights into this area.
  9. Global Health and Pandemics: The recent pandemic highlighted the importance of global health issues. Wittenborg's involvement in health and hospitality management education positions it well to lead discussions on global health challenges and pandemic preparedness.
  10. Education in a Globalised Era: Finally, as education shapes future generations, this theme is crucial. Wittenborg's own global approach to education and its diverse student body make it an exemplary model for discussing education in a globalised world.

Conference Fee €363.- (per person / including vat) including 3x lunches & Wednesday & Thursday (Walking) Dinners